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Club Boat Application Form

This form is an application for the loan of a club boat to the submitter. The Guernsey Rowing Club ("GRC") committee allocates boats at its sole discretion. This form does not guarantee the loan of a boat, it is an expression of interest only.

When considering boat allocations, the committee will give preference to teams with no prior Guernsey rowing experience.

A full team (including cox in the case of quads) must be entered before any application will be considered.

The Committee will aim to allocate boats in March of each year with  successful crews will be notified by email shortly afterwards.


If successful your team will be required to sign up to membership of the GRC and a club boat loan agreement will need to be completed before a boat is formally loaned.

This form does not create any obligation on the part of the applicant or the GRC.

Boat details

Crew details

Please list your proposed crew members, do not include any substitute rowers/coxes. 


Please be aware that during the racing season a registered crew (including the cox) may not change by more than 50% without being considered as a new crew for scoring purposes.

Rower 1

Rower 2

Rower 3

Rower 4



On behalf of the above named individuals I hereby apply for the allocation of a Club Boat.

The Guernsey Rowing Club ("GRC") is subject to the requirements of Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 (the Law) and registered as a data controller with the office of the Data Protection Authority ("ODPA") under registration number DPA2534. In those regards, any information supplied in this document that falls within the scope of the Law will be held by the GRC in compliance with the GRC’s ‘Fair Processing Notice’, which can be found on the GRC website.

Thanks for your submission!

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