Guernsey Rowing Club LBG Established 1973

The Boathouse

Mont Crevelt

Bulwer Avenue

St. Sampson's

Guernsey, GY2 4LH

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The Guernsey Offshore Rowing Club is a vibrant club that can trace its history back to 1894. GRC members regularly take part in offshore and coastal regatta’s held at nearby French clubs as well as local races throughout the summer, while the challenging Sure 'Herm Rocks' Rowing Regatta held in Guernsey over three days in the summer, is one of the largest rowing events in the Channel Islands. Participants from Holland, Belgium, France, the UK and near neighbours, Jersey, regularly take part, enjoying a weekend of serious racing of 6km on the Friday, 11km on the Saturday and 6km on the Sunday plus the usual GRC social activities.

The Guernsey Rowing Club in the Channel Islands welcomes all competitors, spectators and guard boat skippers and would be pleased to assist anyone that wishes to visit.

Tom Martel | Captain

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The GRC lease on the boat park expires on 15th September - please can you ensure that your boat has been moved to winter storage by the end of that day.

Due to improvements planned for the Club house over the winter - the Club will not be offering any storage for privately owned boats, owners who leave their boats at the Club house will be asked to remove them promptly.

We have a number of boats which have been "stored" outside the Club house for many years - this is a polite notice that these will be destroyed if they are not claimed and removed by 1st October.