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Race Entry Form

RACE ENTRY CLOSING - Race entries will close 24 hours before the race to allow for race day administration.

GUARD BOATS - When race entry closes we will assess all entries to ensure there is sufficient guard boat cover. If not, the race will either be cancelled or postponed or an alternative inshore course may be run.

CREW CHANGES - Changes are allowed as long as the race controller is notified prior to the race briefing. Failure to ensure any changes are recorded may result in disqualification. All crew changes are subject to rule 40 of the Guernsey Rowing Club rules.

DAY MEMBERS - Non-members (substitutes) are allowed to race or cox three times as a Day Member free of charge before being obliged to become a full Racing Member. Non-members must apply for Day Membership by completing a Day Membership Form accessed on the forms page of this website.

ROWING CONSENT FORM - Must be completed for all Members (or Day Members) under the age of 18. A copy of the form is available in the forms section of our website.

RACE BRIEFING - 1 hour prior to the race start time unless otherwise communicated.

COURSE MAPS - Course maps are available on the course maps section of this website. Maps will NOT be supplied on race day.

ON/OFF DECISIONS - These will be posted on the Club's public Facebook page


The Guernsey Rowing Club ("GRC") is subject to the requirements of Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 (the Law) and registered as a data controller with the office of the Data Protection Authority ("ODPA") under registration number DPA2534. In those regards, any information supplied in this document that falls within the scope of the Law will be held by the GRC in compliance with the GRC’s ‘Fair Processing Notice’, which can be found on the GRC website.

Thanks for your entry!

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