Race Day Procedure

Race Information


  • The On/Off decisions will be made and communicated 2 hours before each race via the Club's Facebook page.


  • Arrive at the race location in plenty of time.



Race Entry


  • Fill in your online race entry form a minimum of 48hrs ahead of time.


  • Check the course map and print a copy from the website if you need it (the Club does not provide printed copies on the day).



Boat Checks


  • Ensure your boat has all the necessary safety kit on board (see Safety Equipment Checklist) and let a Scrutineer know when ready (it is your responsiblity to do this).


  • Your boat will then be checked by a Scrutineer prior to launching.



Race Briefing


  • Will commence 45 minutes before the start time. Ensure your team pays attention as course conditions, tips and advice specific to the race will be given.



The Race


  • Launch your boat soon after the briefing.


  • Arrive in the muster area 5 to 10 minutes before the start.


  • Follow the starter's instructions for lining up and listen out for the start hooter.


  • When overtaking slower boats at a turn always pass on the outside of the course.



Apres Row


  • Return your boat to the boat park.


  • Remove all safety gear, sliding seats, oars etc, not forgetting the compass if it isn't fixed to the hull.


  • The race results are read out by the Club Captain at a location specified in the race briefing, in most cases this is the Guernsey Yacht Club where shower facilities are available.